drive | drīv | verb
an organized effort by a number of people to achieve a particular purpose
leadership | lēdərˌSHip | noun
the action of leading a group of people or an organization

success |səkˈses | noun
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose



The law firm of Wilson & Gillissie, LLC works exclusively to assist individuals in obtaining the social security benefits to which they are entitled.  The attorneys of Wilson & Gillissie represent clients at every level of the Social Security disability process from initial application through appeal to Federal District Court.  Unfortunately, many people are initially denied Social Security benefits even though they should qualify.  We understand your frustration of denial and will use our experience and knowledge of the system to guide you through this intimidating process and to the benefits you deserve.  There is no need to give up.  Our ultimate goal is to ease your burden and keep your case on the track to favorable results through advocacy and personalized representation.

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