zipline1Why apply for benefits?  If you are unable to work, you deserve benefits and you have the right to pursue your claim, even if you are denied.  We are here to help you understand not only why you should file, but also what is necessary to prove that you are entitled to the benefits.

Why us? There is no doubt that having Wilson & Gillissie to guide you through this complicated process will give you an advantage. More importantly, we are a local firm with the ability to spend time with each client face to face.  We have spent many years developing relationships and influence with the local personnel and judges of this large government bureaucracy that is the Social Security Administration.  There is no substitute for experienced legal help with important contacts and the respect of the community and the agency that ultimately makes the decision on your claim. In choosing Wilson & Gillissie, you will have the advantage of one on consultation with the attorney who be your advocate from the beginning of the process until the end.